Review of “Glass Walls”


Mist Giant – Glass Walls

True to their name, Mist Giant’s music rises, hulking and dominant, out of a dark cloud. A haze of mystery and doom permeate their sound without overwhelming it—echo guitar (reminiscent of Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros) combine with cello and scintillating electronic elements to set you on edge. Vocals alternate between Cursive-esque plaintive howls and group harmonies like a downcast Yeasayer. Everpresent is a sold-your-soul-at-the-crossroads undercurrent of dark, downcast blues. The music is soul-penetrating and atmospheric at the same time, wrapping around your head and piercing your heart. 

Thanks for the kind words! We’ve got a new one coming out very soon. 

Download “D-Loop” for free

My band @MistGiant is putting out a new EP on April 17. Download this track for free! Limited time only!


Free download of “D-Loop” from our new EP, Glass Walls, out April 17, 2012 on Velvet Blue Music.