Atoms For Peace track hidden on website

This is so badass.

I’m stoked to hear Amok, the debut album from the project Thom Yorke put together with Flea, Atoms for Peace, which is supposed to come out next year. They announced the deets this week.

Even cooler than the details of their debut album, Atoms For Peace’s website,, has a free download of one of a tracks from the album, “What The Eyeballs Did”—but only if you know where to look. Or if you’re lucky enough to stumble on it. It’s hidden on the site as an “Easter Egg”—a term web types use to describe any hidden little nugget that users can discover, whether it’s an animation or a game or whatever. This is one of my favorite web design tricks, but it’s tragically under-used.

In this case, you’d have to get real lucky to find it. The whole site is a work of art, an odd, almost surreal, somehow creepy and alienating but not entirely bleak work of art. It’s gorgeous. So, very typical of Thom Yorke’s style. It’s mostly an image but there are many tiny animations going on throughout it. Your eye doesn’t know where to look. If you didn’t know it was there, you’d probably never accidentally find it. But searching for it can be half the fun, I suppose.

If you want to find it yourself, read no further. If you just want the download, go to the site, scroll right—yes, scroll right, which I absolutely love, changing up the typical vertical orientation of websites—until you see LA’s Union Station, the building with the clock tower (not the Times building, which also has a clock). Mouse over the clock and you’ll see its hands start spinning furiously. Click on it, and it will download “What The Eyeballs Did.”

So fucking cool.

Bay Area Live

I’ve got two sets from the first ever Moon Block Party in SF: JUJU and Al Lover & The Haters. Moon Block Party is an annual street festival in Pomona, CA, and founder (and JUJU guitarist/bassist/vocalist) Phil Pirrone finally brought it on the road up to SF. Enjoy!

00:00 Bay Area Live on BTR!
01:14 Ancient’s Future – JUJU
10:45 A Forming – JUJU
20:20 G 4 A G – JUJU
32:57 More Bay Area Live coming up
34:11 Noise Interlude
35:22 The Summer Solstice Suicides – Al Lover & The Haters
39:30 Electricity – Al Lover & The Haters
42:24 Peyote Spirit Quest – Al Lover & The Haters
47:34 Kim – Al Lover & The Haters
51:09 Overdrive – Al Lover & The Haters
55:59 Ballin’ Chain – Al Lover & The Haters
61:51 That’s it for Bay Area Live
62:25 Finish

My Fun Fun Fun Fest coverage

Just got back from Texas earlier this week. One of the reasons I was there was to cover Fun Fun Fun Fest for The Bay Bridged. I interviewed a handful of bands that would be playing in the Bay Area soon, including A Place To Bury Strangers, El Ten Eleven, Girl in a Coma, and WHY?, who aren’t coming to the Bay Area any time soon but have deep Bay Area connections so, hell, why not interview them.

I also took pictures. A lot of them. Here are a few of my favorites. Check out all of my Fun Fest photos—there’s close to 60. Here are a few of my favorites:


Explosions in the Sky

Danny Brown

Johnny Rotten/PiL

Bun B


Grandma lockdown underway at BofA in Charlotte


BREAKING: Grandmother Pat Moore and others are currently risking arrest at 4 different Bank of America branches in the Charlotte area. Their urgent message: Bank of America must STOP funding coal. 

Stand with Pat and CALL Bank of America to let them know you want them to stop funding coal!:

Stop funding companies that poison our planet for profit, Bank of America.