Behold the Blue Wall

UntitledWas just ranting about this this morning, and now here is a conservative columnist who calls himself “GOPlifer” and writes for the Houston Chronicle saying the same thing: despite taking the Senate, Republicans are not in good shape and have no legitimate claim to any kind of mandate from the American people. Voter suppression is not a winning strategy in the long-term. No Republican will be occupying the White House any time soon. They’re a wingnut party and their prospects are dim and growing dimmer.

I want to see the modern Republican party buried, but I also want a sane, rational Republican party to reemerge with actual will and intent to govern this nation, because we desperately need a true foil to the Democrats if any progress is to be made by our horrendous two-party system.

You should go read the whole thing, but here’s the money shot:

The global economy is undergoing a massive, accelerating transformation that promises massive new wealth and staggering challenges. We need heads-up, intelligent adaptations to capitalize on those challenges. Republicans, with their traditional leadership on commercial issues should be at the leading edge of planning to capitalize on this emerging environment.

What are we getting from Republicans? Climate denial, theocracy, thinly veiled racism, paranoia, and Benghazi hearings. Lots and lots of hearings on Benghazi.

It is almost too late for Republicans to participate in shaping the next wave of our economic and political transformation. The opportunities we inherited coming out of the Reagan Era are blinking out of existence one by one while we chase so-called “issues” so stupid, so blindingly disconnected from our emerging needs that our grandchildren will look back on our performance in much the same way that we see the failures of the generation that fought desegregation.

Something, some force, some gathering of sane, rational, authentically concerned human beings generally at peace with reality must emerge in the next four to six years from the right, or our opportunity will be lost for a long generation. Needless to say, Greg Abbott and Jodi Ernst are not that force.

“Winning” this election did not help that force emerge. This was a dark week for Republicans, and for everyone who wants to see America remain the world’s most vibrant, most powerful nation.

The real face of gun ownership in this country

Can we please quit pretending like the gun debate has anything to do with “responsible gun owners” and their rights?

If you want to see the real face of gun ownership in this country—by which I mean the visible gun owners, the ones making the most noise, the driving force behind the anti-gun regulation bitchfest—watch this video of an idiot redneck road raging on a bunch of teenagers, starting shit he couldn’t finish, and then pulling a gun out like the chickenshit he is:

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erIf there was any capacity for shame left within the Republican Party, I’d say these dudes should be ashamed of themselves. But since there’s not, I’ll just stick with shaming them myself.

Think Progress has the details. Most notable amongst the chauvinist pigs voting against the bill were Mitch McConnel, the Republican Senate “leader,” and Marco Rubio, the Florida Republican being put forth as the guy who’s going to make the Republican Party relevant again even though he’s just as much of a hate-filled, bigoted, sexist homophobe as the rest of ’em.

Grandma lockdown underway at BofA in Charlotte


BREAKING: Grandmother Pat Moore and others are currently risking arrest at 4 different Bank of America branches in the Charlotte area. Their urgent message: Bank of America must STOP funding coal. 

Stand with Pat and CALL Bank of America to let them know you want them to stop funding coal!:

Stop funding companies that poison our planet for profit, Bank of America.

Not Obama’s #1 fan, but at least he comes across as a solid dude





President Obama comforts a woman in New Jersey whose marina was damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

As the Wall Street Journal’s Jeff Yang put it, “If enough people see it, this is the photo that singlehandedly re-elects Barack Obama.”

[Twitter via AP]

Look, I don’t think Obama’s a perfect president. But as a dude? I think he’s pretty fuckin’ awesome. And I’d rather have a theoretically so-so president in office with a good heart than a devil I don’t know who literally doesn’t give a shit about my rights.


this will be my first, and last political post on here.
 but that dudes comment above mine is spot on.


Matt Taibbi gets it right, as usual

Matt Taibbi on why Biden was right to laugh in Lyin’ Ryan’s face at the debate last night:

The Romney/Ryan platform makes sense, and is not laughable, in only one context: if you’re a multi-millionaire and you recognize that this is the only way to sell your agenda to mass audiences. But if you’re not one of those rooting gazillionaires, you should laugh, you should roll your eyes, and it doesn’t matter if you’re the Vice President or an ABC reporter or a toll operator. You should laugh, because this stuff is a joke, and we shouldn’t take it seriously.