My novel + album is coming out April 29! Celebrate with me on April 27

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I’ll be publishing my debut novel + album, The Mysticist, on April 29 via my publishing company FreemadeSF, and I plan on celebrating with a night of book readings and live music on April 27, 2014 at Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco, CA.

There will be delicious food by Fiddlehead Supper Club and book readings with live score by Dominica PhetteplaceNick MamatasVylar KaftanTim PrattMike E. G.Mark Pantoja, and more! 

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My “Best of Bay Area local music” list

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Well, 2012 was a pretty stellar year for music (both from the Bay Area and from the rest of the world), and I just want to call out a few of my local favorites from the year. I’m restricting myself because I’m not going to mention how Pussy Riot inspired the whole planet with their punk prayer protesting the repressive Russian regime, or how I literally did not stop playing GrimesVisions for about 6 months after it came out. Nope, not even going to go there.

Best Local Show by a Local Band

My favorite local show of the year was one I didn’t even see: Tartufi at Rock Make, the annual art and music street fest thrown by The Bay Bridged along with The Bold Italic and the members of Tartufi themselves.

I was stage managing at the other end of the fest during Tartufi’s set, so I didn’t get to watch it, but I gave my trusty handheld recorder to a friend to record for my “Bay Area Live” podcast on (BTR). When I went back and listened to the set in order to edit it for use on my show, it completely blew me away. This is one of the few shows I’ve done for BTR that I went back to and listened to many, many times after spending the initial time editing and mastering. Pure post-rock bliss from the local band of the decade, Tartufi.

Here’s my year-end podcast of the best sets I played on my show in 2012, which, of course, features Tartufi prominently, right at the beginning:

Best Local Show by a Non-Local Band

Wye Oak completely killed it at The Independent as part of Noise Pop 2012, way back in February. Their set has stood the test of time and is definitely the single show that stands out to me as the best I saw in the Bay Area in 2012 by a traveling band. If you just watch them covering Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody” (above), you’ll get what I’m saying. I don’t think there’s anything else I need to add.

Best Album by a Local Band

High on Fire never disappoints, but their new one – De Vermis Mysteriis – is richly deserving of the title of best album released by a Bay Area band in 2012. Singer/guitarist Matt Pike is pretty much a full-on metal god, and he probably would be even if the relatively short career of Sleep was the only credit to his name. But over a much longer career with High on Fire, he has continued to put out some of the heaviest, sludgiest riffs ever to grace the ears of us mere mortals. Check out “King of Days”, my favorite track from the new album, and realize you can’t even argue with me here:

FreemadeSF is alive!

I’m stoked to finally announce the launch of FreemadeSF, the publishing company I’m starting with my good buddy Mark Pantoja. Our first release will be Mark’s book of short stories, Other Possibilities, coming out early next year (most likely February). Check out for updates.

We put together an audio book version of “Buck,” one of the stories from Other Possibilities, and commissioned a series of original illustrations by my pal Bryan Reyna. It will be available as a podcast and as a YouTube video, which will include the illustrations. (If you want audio only, go here).

Bay Area Live

I’ve got two sets from the first ever Moon Block Party in SF: JUJU and Al Lover & The Haters. Moon Block Party is an annual street festival in Pomona, CA, and founder (and JUJU guitarist/bassist/vocalist) Phil Pirrone finally brought it on the road up to SF. Enjoy!

00:00 Bay Area Live on BTR!
01:14 Ancient’s Future – JUJU
10:45 A Forming – JUJU
20:20 G 4 A G – JUJU
32:57 More Bay Area Live coming up
34:11 Noise Interlude
35:22 The Summer Solstice Suicides – Al Lover & The Haters
39:30 Electricity – Al Lover & The Haters
42:24 Peyote Spirit Quest – Al Lover & The Haters
47:34 Kim – Al Lover & The Haters
51:09 Overdrive – Al Lover & The Haters
55:59 Ballin’ Chain – Al Lover & The Haters
61:51 That’s it for Bay Area Live
62:25 Finish

Wiretap Music on BTR

Lots of new Bay Area music, folks: Thee Oh Sees, Silian Rail, Moon Duo, Social Studies, Sonny & The Sunsets, Agent Ribbons, and lots more. Enjoy!

00:00 Welcome to Wiretap Music on BTR!
01:04 Do it for the Bay (feat. DaVinci) – Main Attrakionz
04:27 Care Harder – Religious Girls
11:17 Sleepwalker – Moon Duo
16:05 Dive – Tycho
20:18 Let The Door Swing – Birds & Batteries
24:05 More Wiretap Music coming up!
25:25 Terracur – Social Studies
29:38 Family Haircut – Agent Ribbons
34:02 You Can Trust A Robot – Exray’s
36:38 Pretend You Love Me – Sonny & The Sunsets
42:04 Flood’s New Light – Thee Oh Sees
44:34 Even more Wiretap Music coming up!
45:43 Young Moon – Silian Rail
50:19 Wave Goodbye – Ty Segall Band
54:51 Witch’s Limbo – Glitter Wizard
60:00 That’s it for Wiretap Music on BTR. Thanks for listening!
61:08 Finish

Bay Area Live

This month I’ve got a set by San Francisco’s own Sunbeam Rd., plus sets by a couple bands from Austin, TX—Boyfrndz and Feuding Fathers. All three of those bands played the Milk Bar here in SF back on September 23. I’ve also got one song from LA’s JUJU, one of my favorite bands from down in SoCal. Phil Pirrone, singer/guitarist/bassist for JUJU put on the first ever Moon Block Party SF on October 13, which is when I caught this set here at Brick & Mortar Music Hall.

00:00 It’s Bay Area Live!
01:08 Pro Wave rider – Sunbeam Rd.
05:36 Shoulder Bones – Sunbeam Rd.
10:01 Avoiders – Sunbeam Rd.
14:44 Apparent Movement – Sunbeam Rd.
19:47 More Bay Area Live comin up!
20:42 Surfs up – Boyfrndz
24:35 Hearsay – Boyfrndz
28:46 All day pass – Boyfrndz
33:02 More Bay Area Live comin up!
33:35 The Laws of Equivalent Exchange – Feuding Fathers
36:20 Brave Metal Captain – Feuding Fathers
38:54 Corbin My Man – Feuding Fathers
42:06 Hardcore Parkour – Feuding Fathers
44:21 Not For Film – Feuding Fathers
49:18 Even more Bay Area Live comin right up!
50:27 G 4 A G – JUJU
62:51 Finish

Bay Area Live

This month we’ve got sets by Dana Falconberry, from Austin, TX, and Schande, hometown heroes here in SF. Dana Falconberry recently signed to Antenna Farm Records and will be putting out a new record later this year. I was stoked to catch her on tour at Hemlock Tavern here in SF, one of my favorite venues. 

The Schande set I’m especially excited about because it has some songs from the new Jen Schande solo album, which is the soundtrack for a short film based on Chapter 19 of Valencia, a book by local author Michele Tea. Every chapter of Valencia has been made into a short film, and those films have inspired some really great music. Check out the book and Valencia: The Movie(s) at

00:00 Bay Area Live on BTR
02:04 Tahquamenon Intro – Dana Falconberry
02:35 Birch Bark – Dana Falconberry
05:20 Crooked River – Dana Falconberry
09:30 Lake Charlevoix – Dana Falconberry
12:24 Petoskey Stone – Dana Falconberry
17:56 Sault Ste Marie – Dana Falconberry
18:54 Snail Shells – Dana Falconberry
24:34 Leelanau – Dana Falconberry
31:31 Bay Area Live!
33:14 Nice Fez – Schande
36:03 Still Returning – Schande
38:42 Forward I Move Light – Schande
42:28 The Russian – Schande
45:00 What are you did – Schande
49:21 I really like Sonic Youth and I really want to have sex with you – Schande
52:21 Ghost Power – Schande
56:19 That’s all the Bay Area Live for this month, folks
57:02 Finish