Banksy’s completely on-point quote about advertising

banksy_nuggetBanksy didn’t really write these words, but still, can’t agree more with the views attributed to Banksy here. It is messed up how advertising is allowed to invade nearly every space in our society, to intrude into our lives in millions of ways every day, but the moment we fight back, jam their ads, alter them, use them to send a message of our own, we are criminals. Completely ass backwards, you ask me.

FreemadeSF is alive!

I’m stoked to finally announce the launch of FreemadeSF, the publishing company I’m starting with my good buddy Mark Pantoja. Our first release will be Mark’s book of short stories, Other Possibilities, coming out early next year (most likely February). Check out for updates.

We put together an audio book version of “Buck,” one of the stories from Other Possibilities, and commissioned a series of original illustrations by my pal Bryan Reyna. It will be available as a podcast and as a YouTube video, which will include the illustrations. (If you want audio only, go here).