Banksy’s completely on-point quote about advertising

banksy_nuggetBanksy didn’t really write these words, but still, can’t agree more with the views attributed to Banksy here. It is messed up how advertising is allowed to invade nearly every space in our society, to intrude into our lives in millions of ways every day, but the moment we fight back, jam their ads, alter them, use them to send a message of our own, we are criminals. Completely ass backwards, you ask me.

Grandma lockdown underway at BofA in Charlotte


BREAKING: Grandmother Pat Moore and others are currently risking arrest at 4 different Bank of America branches in the Charlotte area. Their urgent message: Bank of America must STOP funding coal. 

Stand with Pat and CALL Bank of America to let them know you want them to stop funding coal!:

Stop funding companies that poison our planet for profit, Bank of America.

End the climate silence


Anyone who wants to hold the highest office in the land has to have the courage to address the biggest environmental issue of our time.

Image via Forecast the Facts on Facebook:

The candidates in last night’s debate praised coal, oil, and natural gas while ignoring climate pollution. Speak out to break the Climate Silence:

Rainforest Action Network: Stop ‘NAFTA on steroids’!

Link: Rainforest Action Network: Stop ‘NAFTA on steroids’!


Right now, negotiations for what’s being called ”NAFTA on steroids,” the Trans-Pacific Partnership, are being conducted in secret. The corporate lobbyists pushing this agreement include a who’s who list of Big Oil, Big Ag and Wall Street power brokers.

US negotiators have granted approximately 600 corporate lobbyists access to the negotiating texts while flatly refusing to tell the public what they have been proposing in our names. Why the secrecy? Probably because, at the behest of companies like Cargill, U.S. trade negotiators are pushing hard for the Trans-Pacific Partnership to include so-called ”investor-state” provisions that would grant transnational corporations the power to challenge virtually any environmental law, regulation or court decision that negatively affects their expectation of profits.

Take action now to demand that the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement be made public. Send a message to US trade negotiator Ron Kirk and Cargill’s Chief Trade Lobbyist Devry Boughner and tell them the Trans-Pacific Partnership is the wrong direction for America and the environment.»

This thing must be stopped. When they say “free trade” they mean “free to profit off of human misery and environmental destruction.”

Profits are not more important than our future


Love it. Go Tar Sands Blockade, go!

Mad props to the folks down in Texas fighting the good fight today. It’s way past time we move aggressively to stop our reliance on fossil fuels, to hell with the profits of the fossil fuel robber barons. Their profits are not more important than our future.