The police cannot police the police. Every police action should be reviewable by NON police civilians. Every police officer should wear a video recorder that records every single second of their shift. No recording, no arrest are valid. If a recording conveniently is erased or missing during an assault of civilians (pepper spraying, shooting dogs or just kicking down doors and beating on helpless people), this should be a strong indicator of police misconduct.

It’s time to hold the police responsible. It’s time to completely remove any type of immunity when an officer closes a line. When your punching someone with handcuffs on – your immunity is completely revoked.

it’s time that lawsuit awards come out of the police pension funds or the personal funds of the officer. Maybe if the offending officer’s personal retirement was at risk he wouldn’t be so quick to act like a bully. Right now many of the judgments won in court just come out of the taxpayer budgets.

It’s time that police be held to the HIGHEST standard. If you are going to enforce the law, you dam well better follow it yourself.

kbud (via beatyourselfup)


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