All flash, no substance



Moms for Romney/Ryan #rnc2012 (Taken with Instagram at 2012 Republican National Convention)

Moms drive the economy… so they have to have a job to receive welfare (“stay-at-home mom” is a Rich People Only profession), they get no paid maternity leave, no job protection for their gender, no subsidized prenatal care or healthcare for their children, and less than $35 a week in food stamps to feed their family. Oh! And no birth control if you decide you’re a mom to enough kids. And we’re removing pesky environmental regulations that might make the world liveable for your children in the future. WOOO MOMS FOR ROMNEY!

Republicans: All flash, no substance. How you going to sell “Moms” schwag when you’re doing everything you can to take moms’ rights away? “We don’t trust you with your own body, but vote for us!” 

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