Bank of America gets mic checked

VIDEO: #BofA gets mic checked. #99Power #BankVsAmerica


Awesome video: Brian Moynihan and the rest of the Bank of America fat cats get mic-checked at the bank’s annual shareholder meeting this week.

Via YouTuber movetoaction:

One hundred shareholders mic check Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan after he abruptly closes the BofA shareholder meeting. For two and a half hours he faced an unceasing barrage of direct questions, getting increasing flustered by shareholders demanding that he answer people’s questions instead of brushing people off. He refused to meet with National People’s Action, Rainforest Action Network, and our allies after more than 100 attempts in the past several months to have a serious meeting about these issues.

For more information:
#99power #makeboapay

The inside action was coordinated by National People’s Action, Illinois People’s Action, PUSH-Buffalo, Michigan People’s Action, Rainforest Action Network, and other 99POWER Affiliates.

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