Van Jones on progressive values

The stuff that’s made America great—liberty and justice for all; the idea that there should be a middle class that you should be able to get into by working hard; that no matter what your gender and race is you should be able to participate fully in society; that the environment has a value that should be protected by government action, that children shouldn’t be made to labor under awful conditions but in fact every child should be in schools learning—all those values are the values that progressives and liberals defended in the last century and still defend every day. We are the ones who are defending America the beautiful through our environmental commitments. We’re the ones who are defending the Statue of Liberty’s stand for the newcomer through our stand for immigrants. We’re the ones who stick up for liberty and justice for all including lesbians and gays and other folks who might be left out. And yet we never claim the deep patriotism that our work implies—to the great detriment of our own cause and of the country. And I’m now, having had my own patriotism challenged repeatedly, willing to stick up for my own love of this country.

Van Jones, in the Q and A, Van Jones: ‘Progressives Have Another Century to Win’ | Rick Perlstein | Politics News | Rolling Stone (via tartantambourine)

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