Beyond Tahrir

I had an incredible opportunity to spend some time in Cairo last year, and I left completely awed and inspired by the passion and dedication of the Egyptian people.

I met many revolutionary youth organizers while I was there, and some of them are putting together or being featured in a new documentary called Beyond Tahrir:

Beyond Tahrir follows the life of several activists both during and after the revolution (which in fact has not ended). But with several twists. Our activists come from a wide variety of political backgrounds. Gehad Saif is a nationalist focused on social equity; his passion and charisma is contagious. We will follow him into his production studio where his ideals are transformed into hip-hop. But on the other side, we glean into the world of the Muslim Brotherhood and get a sense of their roots in Egypt and the diversity of their members. Along the way we meet artists like Hany Adel, who discusses the inspiration of the people and how important it was to give music back.

The most important contribution of Beyond Tahrir will be that it takes us beyond stereotypes and the all-too-important classifications of corporate media. Classifications which remain important to the status quo. 

I just donated to the project on Kickstarter because I think it’s immensely important that the rest of the world, and especially those of us in the Western world, get the real story, straight from the folks who stood up for freedom and democracy and ousted the dictator Mubarak. The corporate media and our government don’t want us to know the real story, they don’t want us to relate to each other as people, because then we can’t be manipulated as easily. That’s why I support this project — it wil help break down those barriers that keep us from relating to each other as people.

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