Cloud Atlas concept art

I just read Cloud Atlas recently and was totally blown away. Easily the best book I’ve read in years. These are a couple pieces of concept art from the forthcoming movie based on the book. The second piece of art here is labeled “Seoul, 2144” so we know which of the stories in the novel it is for, but the first one is a bit of a mystery (though the cooler of the two images).

The only ships in the book are either back in the 19th century or in the post-Industrial collapse scenario set way in the future, so the city skyline you see isn’t really appropriate for either. Maybe this is just a mash-up, more of a promotional image than an actual concept for a set? 

All the same, here’s hoping the movie is even half as good as the book….


Behold the future, from the movie adaptation of David Mitchell’s acclaimed novelCloud Atlas. The massive movie — stuffed with a huge A-List cast including Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, Hugo Weaving, Susan Sarandon, and Halle Berry — jumps across time, with each actor playing different characters in different time periods. It’s a massive undertaking that leaps all the way into the future, 2144 Seoul to be precise. And here is the first ever concept art for the future world of Cloud Atlas.

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