You don’t get filthy rich by cleaning up after yourself

That’s John Watson, Chevron CEO, offering an absurd excuse I came up with for him to explain why his company consistently puts profits ahead of people and planet.

An $18 billion judgment against Chevron was upheld by an appeals court in Ecuador yesterday. Chevron’s guilt in Ecuador is so blatant, it’s no wonder the company’s excuses for its refusal to take responsibility have become increasingly absurd.

So far, Chevron spokespeople have claimed everything from “Oil isn’t toxic” to “Just because we bought Texaco in 2001 doesn’t mean we have to clean up its mess” to “I have make-up on and there’s naturally occurring oil on my face, that doesn’t mean I’m going to get sick.” Seriously. That’s how callous these people are, and how stupid they think we are.

It’s obvious Chevron’s spokespeople can’t possibly justify their refusal to clean up Ecuador. So I created a little meme generator-type tool so that we can all suggest absurd new talking points for them. Go here if you want to help Chevron out with a new excuse.

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