Robert Reich’s assessment of Obama is right on

Former labor secretary, current UC Berkeley prof Robert Reich was asked by the NYT what he thinks of Obama’s economic policies so far. Reich’s response includes what I think is one of the most concise and accurate assessments of the current state of American politics I’ve read:

[T]he public is being sold a big lie — that our problems owe to unions and the size of government and not to fraud and deregulation and vast concentration of wealth. Obama’s failure is that he won’t challenge this Republican narrative, and give people a story that helps them connect the dots and understand where we’re going.

I think the article is pretty poorly written, as if the writer couldn’t decide if it was a profile of Reich, a feature about liberal economists’ criticisms of Obama’s economic policies, or a report on the state of the broader national economic discourse, so he just did a half-assed job writing all three at once. But it’s worth reading: “Obama the Centrist Irks a Liberal Lion”.

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