Declare Your Energy Independence And Start A Revolution

This weekend we celebrate Independence Day. For those of you absorbed in your beer and barbecue, this is the day the original American colonies broke free from British oppression and claimed their right to pursue happiness based on the principles of liberty and democracy.

The time has come, my fellow Americans, for another Declaration of Independence. But this time it’s not some distant king jeopardizing our future, it’s the dirty energy sources of the past. Fossil fuel companies have a tyrannical stranglehold on our national energy policy. So this Independence Day, let’s declare our independence from fossil fuels.

It just so happens Green For All has a handy petition online so you can do just that. Their website has tools for you to call on your Senators to do their patriotic duty and take action to get us off the dirty stuff. You can also sign a pledge to go dirty energy-free yourself and spread the word about the Dirty Energy Independence pledge.

Of course, it’s not enough for us all to just declare our independence. We need a revolution to assert that independence once and for all — an energy revolution.

For years, however, fossil fuel companies have been telling us it can’t be done: Getting off of coal and oil, they say, would cost us too many jobs and wreak havoc on the economy. They’ve been feeding us the lie that we can’t live without them, and we’ve been swallowing it like sugar.

But it is possible to generate 96 percent of our electricity from renewable sources by 2050 and create over a million jobs in an American renewable energy sector in the next 20 years, all while phasing out the use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Greenpeace put out a report a few weeks ago — Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable USA Energy Outlook — that shows how it can be done.

Why a [r]evolution? Because moving from the dirty fossil fuels of the past and onto the clean, green renewable energy sources of the future requires an evolution and a revolution.

We need a [r]evolution because business-as-usual is not going to stop the tens of thousands of barrels of crude oil spilling into our waters, scores of workers around the world losing their lives in coal mines, or the countless other disasters we are all facing due to our dirty energy reliance.

Declare your energy independence and help launch the energy revolution. It’s what real American patriots will be doing today (plus grilling and shooting off fireworks, of course).

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