Joe Vs. Joe

I’m currently in Oslo covering the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for Greenpeace International, but I felt compelled to take a break from my busy blogging schedule to blog about this.

I do not like Joe Lieberman. I think he’s emblematic of everything wrong with our political system in America. I think he’s an arrogant, self-serving, bought-and-paid for corporate shill, and nothing more. He is one of the chief obstacles to passing health care reform in the Senate, and he’s threatening to stage a one-man filibuster to protect his corporate allies in the insurance industry. Yet in 1995 he actually drafted legislation to stop just such abuses of the filibuster. The man is just as hypocritical as he is narcissistic, it would seem.

Go here to send Lierberman a message asking him to grow a conscience and actually represent the people who elected him rather than the rich corporations who are buying him off.

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