Obama will go to Copenhagen… a week too early

I’ve tried not to sound too ornery in my previous posts about President Obama and his lack of action on global warming. I do still think Obama gets the severity of the climate crisis we’re facing and want to believe that he wants to do everything in his power to take bold, decisive action. But he’s just not really meeting me in the middle here.

The latest climate-and-Obama news is that the President will be going to the UN climate talks in person — except he’s going about a week too early. He’s stopping in Copenhagen on December 9th on his way to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on the 10th.

The Copenhagen climate summit is not about a photo opportunity, but unfortunately that seems to be how Obama is treating it. The climate talks in Copenhagen are aimed at getting a fair, ambitious, and binding global agreement to tackle climate change.  President Obama needs to be there at the same time as all the other wold leaders – December 18. This is the last day of the negotiations, when all the heads of state show up, are presented with the agreements achieved so far by their delegates, and do the high-level negotiations that lead to a final agreement.

Obama needs to be there on December 18 to ensure we get the right agreement. But once again, Obama is going to be in the right city on the wrong date.  Given the shamefully weak emissions targets Obama’s administration is going to announce ahead of the climate change talks, it almost seems like he’s not even taking this issue seriously.

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