Oct. 24th 350 event on the steps of the Sydney Opera House!

I was on my way back to the States after the ship tour when Oct. 24th rolled around, which just so happened to be the largest day of climate action in history. I was lucky enough to be in Sydney, Australia. The event there was amazing, right on the steps of the iconic Opera House. I shot some video to share:

That’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore, Sydney’s first publicly elected female Lord Mayor, you see speaking in the video.

The culmination of the event was a group of people spelling out “350” with blue umbrellas. I got this shot of them while they were still organizing the umbrella-holders, but you can still make out the numbers pretty well:

350.org Oct 24, 2009 Sydney

Here’s me doing an obligatory tourist shot with the crowd and Opera House:

Mike G 350.org Oct 24, 2009 Sydney

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