Filming them filming us

So I went quiet for a spell there, mostly because we were in transit for a few days, going to a point about 100km off the coast of the Cook islands where we picked up some journalists from Australia’s Channel 7, apparently the most-watched news channel in Australia.

I like this meta-photo of them filming us:

After we picked up the journalists, we went back out to the high seas and resumed the hunt. The girl you see on the phone there is Tan Tan (or Tan2, as she some times writes it to save space), our Chinese/Taiwanese translator. She is at that very moment speaking with the captain of a Taiwanese pirate fishing vessel. The captain refused to haul in his lines and quit plundering these waters, so we went out and removed all the bait from his long-line. My blog on that action is still working its way through the Greenpeace protocol, so I’ll just leave it at that and let you check out that post later.

In the meantime, please enjoy, with my compliments, this photo of a totally amazing sky, with the Esperanza in the distance. This was taken from our inflatable boat “The Suzy Q” during said action:

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