Whale Watch

As I sat in the bridge one day on my regular whale watch duty, I pulled out the trusty digital camcorder and shot this quick pan across the bridge windows. This is pretty much what I spend two hours a day doing — staring out at the open sea. It’s quite relaxing. I usually don’t sit inside though, there are “wings” off of the bridge, and I usually do my watch out there.

Whale Watch on the Esperanza from Mike G on Vimeo.

Of course, I have never seen anything on any of my watches. Aside from the occasional flying fish or seabird, that is. Once when I wasn’t on watch I did see a couple dolphins swimming in the distance, so all I could really see was their fins occasionally breaking the water. I also saw some whales spouting waaay in the distance once — actually, we were woken with the news: “Good morning! It’s 7:30, and there are whales off the bow!”

I didn’t get to go out there and swim with them, but our photographer did:

He wasn’t thrilled with the shots he was able to get, but I think they convey the general idea. That being: the photographer is one lucky bastard.

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