Swim stop!

I had an hour left to go in my daily watch duty when the captain came to tell me it was time for a swim stop. My first one! Yeehaw!

Swim stop is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. During a slow day, we cut the engines, open the pilot door, and jump out into the blue, blue ocean. I could go on and on about how cool it was to swim in the middle of the frickin Pacific, with no land in sight, but I’ll spare you. The pics speak louder anyways (click them to view larger versions):

We also rigged up a diving board and rope swing from the heli-deck, of which I got some good video. One of our engineers was doing flips off of the diving board. I’ll post the video whenever I manage to get it up on the net.

It was a pretty amazing experience, I have to say.

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