We’re in Samoa to help with disaster relief

We are currently drifting off the coast of Samoa, and have been offering any and all assistance we can to those affected by the tsunami in Samoa. When we heard the news, we immediately put in a call to Samoan authorities and altered course so we’d get there as quickly as possible. We arrived last night and are now working with emergency response teams here to provide whatever aid we can. Read more on my Greenpeace blog.

We are in what’s known as Western Samoa, as opposed to American Samoa. Both were hit pretty hard, but Western Samoa was able to fast-track our entry.

I’ve been in the bridge with the captain all day helping with communications, but we’re likely to be here for several days and there’s every chance I’ll still go ashore and help there. Turns out ours is the only helicopter on the island, and so far that has been the most useful bit of aid we could offer, though we’ve also taken several hundred liters of fresh water ashore as well, as their water supply appear to be contaminated.

Sorry I couldn’t say anything before, but we didn’t want to put this news out there publicly until we were sure we’d be able to help.

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