I’m on a boat!

Ahoy, mateys. I’ve been on the high seas for a few days now. Life as a sailorman has so far treated me okay – except for the first day, when I tried to eat dinner, got two bites in, and realized food was NOT a good idea.

We’re “in transit” right now, heading from Port Vila, Vanuatu out to the high seas, where we aim to highlight the pillaging of the oceans by commercial fishing fleets. It’s pretty unconscionable – these guys know they’re violating the law (in some cases), know they’re fishing at unsustainable levels (in most every case), and know that their actions today will most likely mean no tuna tomorrow, but they just don’t care. They gotta get that dollar.

Vanuatu was absolutely gorgeous. Did some swimming in the harbor, some kayaking, even jumped off the heli-deck of the Esperanza a few times (yep, that’s “heli” as in helicopter – we’ve got one, and I’m gonna ride in it).


We steamed out of Port Vila Harbor a few days ago. Since we’re in transit, there isn’t much action. I’m shooting photos and videos, and will share as many as I can. Video is tough though, because there just isn’t the bandwidth here on the ship for me to upload videos of my own. Which totally sucks, cuz I really wanted to make a bunch of videos that Greenpeace wouldn’t necessarily want to post. But I will shoot as many “ship life” type videos as I can for use on my Greenpeace blog, so hopefully you can see some of those. And if not, I’ll just have to upload them once I get home — in a month or so. Alas.

You still gotta admit that it’s pretty cool that we live in an age where I can even update this blog at all, given that I’m in the middle of the South Pacific. This data had to travel 36,000 kilometers up to the satellite and back down to Earth again to get to Blogger’s servers. Cool, huh?

So for now, no video. In the meantime, content yourselves with this goofy looking picture of me sitting just above the heli-deck:


As you can see, the water is INCREDIBLY blue. Even my colorblind ass can tell that the water is an amazing color.

Food is decent, people are great, and I’m on whale-watch starting now, so I gotta go! I’ll write more and post more pics later.

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