High seas sunset

So I mentioned I was going on whale-watch. Basically, it’s exactly what you’d think it is: Sitting on the bridge, scanning the horizon, looking for spouts of water. It’s kind of choppy out there though, so spotting spouts would be difficult.

Since we’re in transit, we’d like to document as much as we can of the amazing marine life to be found out here in the high seas. Which of course means we’re all stoked to hopefully see some whales.

I didn’t see any whales, needless to say, or the title of this post would have been something like “I SAW SOME WHAAAAAAALES!” I did however see a couple flying fish. And a type of seabird known as the “boobie.” (I also got to listen to the first mate, who is French Canadian, talk about “deh boobie family” at length, which was pretty awesome.)

So yeah, just as I was reaching the end of my watch, I stepped out and noticed this going on:


Not what you’d call a straight up, one-to-one trade for seeing whales, but, mmm, yeah, I’ll take it.

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  1. Binky says:

    Pretty sweet dude!

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