Coupla collabs and a brief rant on national healthcare

I’ve been on vacation in Ireland for the past couple weeks, checking out plenty of the local pubs and hearing plenty of local trad music. I can’t count how many times I heard “Galway Girl”. It kind of came to define my whole experience in Ireland.

As it turns out, the song was written by Steve Earle and recorded with traditional Irish musician Sharon Shannon. An interesting collaboration, to be sure, between an American country artist and an Irish traditional artist.

So anyway, here I am at my first day back at work and I came across another interesting collaboration I thought I’d share.

R.E.M. has teamed up with to produce a video in support of national healthcare. To me this is a huge issue. I do think that global warming is the more pressing issue, but if Obama can pull off universal healthcare he will have completed the New Deal and proved once and for all that the Republican anti-government platform is utter horseshit.

That is why the right wing is fighting universal healthcare, folks. They don’t really object to universal healthcare — pay attention to their arguments, you won’t hear any substantive criticisms against everyone having access to health care, because there are none to be made. All you hear are lies about “Death Panels” and immature, nonsensical insults hurled at Obama like “fascist” or “socialist.” This is the last gasp of the racist Republican Party. If universal healthcare goes through, the modern Republican Party is done for, and they know it.

Anyway, the R.E.M. song is pretty good and the video is moving, check it out:

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