My new show on BTR! Plus, musings on political music (I couldn’t help myself)…

Well, my new show is actually just my old show, Bay Area Music, with a new name and a slightly new format. We’re calling the show Wiretap Music on BTR cuz I brought in my partner in running, the Bay Area’s music resource, to help DJ my show. Her name is Olivia Parriott and she extends the reach of my show even deeper into the scene.

If you didn’t catch the first ever Wiretap Music on BTR show, click here and check it out. We featured an interview with Bonfire Madigan, an inspiring musician who is equal parts activist.

As a web editor at Greenpeace and musician myself, I am impressed by just about anyone who melds the worlds of music and activism. People criticize groups like Rage Against the Machine for putting their politics into their music, but to me that’s asinine. Not being political is a stance with political implications all the same.

There’s a really cool project here in the Bay Area called that I think is doing cool stuff. I got me one of their t-shirts, yeah boy.

So check out our first Wiretap Music on BTR show for the interview with Bonfire Madigan and check out if you want to see the full interview/profile video that Olivia made.

And remember to listen locally!

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