Activists Stage Impromptu Polar Bear Drowning in DC

Greenpeace photo: Protest outside the DOI

Last Friday, after Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced that he was going to leave the Bush Administration’s “polar bear special rule” intact, an impromptu protest broke out outside of the Department of the Interior in Washington, DC.

Because the special rule exempts global warming from the threats that must be considered as part of Endangered Species Act protections for the polar bear, Salazar has in effect decided to let polar bears drown.

Global warming is melting the Arctic ice habitat that the bears need to survive. So to highlight the likely fate of the polar bear given Salazar’s decision, several Greenpeace activists put a drowned mock polar bear in the pond outside of the DOI.
Greenpeace photo: Protest outside the DOI

The police eventually showed up and hauled the polar bear out of the water. But not in time to save its life.

Only Ken Salazar has that power. If you want to help, you can call Salazar up right now and tell him that letting polar bears drown is the wrong decision.

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