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I attended an event at City Hall last night, and it made me pretty nervous to lock my bike up in Civic Center. I thought to myself, “In this day and age, why the hell can’t we develop a better lock, one that isn’t easily snipped by bolt cutters or unlocked with a Bic pen?”

Well, turns out someone is doing just that. I got this in an email from the SF Bicycle Coalition:

A team of graduate students at the Presidio School of Management in San Francisco (one of the world’s only schools dedicated entirely to environmental and social sustainability) is working to combat the ongoing scourge of bike theft by developing a hi-tech bike security product that goes beyond the traditional bike lock approach. Your survey information will be used in the design phase of this new bike security device.

Take this survey and help them design the bike lock mechanism of the future! Based on the questions in the survey, it looks like they’re considering some sort of system that integrates with your cell phone to alert you when your bike is moved without your authorization. Cool!

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