R.I.P Tom Kennedy

I didn’t know anything about Tom Kennedy until this morning when I read this Laughing Squid post. But it turns out I basically was there when he died.

Me and Genevieve were having a picnic on the beach with a couple good friends when we noticed the commotion over by the water. We saw people carry a guy out of the water, and then the EMTs arrived. That was about all we witnessed, in truth. Of course a huge crowd gathered, but we elected not to join them. Glad we didn’t. Not sure I could live with knowing I treated a man’s death like a spectacle.

Turns out he was a real cool guy. Fuckin sad, man. R.I.P Tom Kennedy. Looks like you had a lot of people who loved and looked up to you, so I’m sure you’re being mourned in high style.

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