Ars Technica is spying on me

I kid, I kid.

But seriously, this post might as well have been written for me.

First off, it’s called “Prepare for ludicrous speed: Ars reviews the 8-core Mac Pro.” They titled a Mac review with a Spaceballs reference.

This appeals to the Mac fanboy in me, as well as the 10-year-old in me (because the real 10-year-old me watched Spaceballs like 50 times).

Then the writer goes and mentions Greenpeace while discussing the green credentials of the 8-core Mac Pro! Here’s what he had to say:

You’ve probably noticed Apple’s new-found love of green. Their ads and new hardware are all touting the reduction in PCBs and other harmful materials, all of which is intended to keep them off of Greenpeace’s naughty list. Say what you will about Greenpeace dogging Apple the way they did, but it’s clear that consumers care about the environment. If Apple’s going to retain their position as a computer for those who care about more than pinching a few pennies, then they are going to need all the bragging rights they can get. The new Mac Pro box reflects this position…

Mac fanboys have been pretty harsh on Greenpeace for going after Apple. They pretty much think Jobs is God, and they won’t stand for any criticism. But this quote is telling: The writer acknowledges the widespread Mac fanboy disdain for Greenpeace’s targeting of Apple, but also signals that Greenpeace was essentially right to pressure Apple into going green. (Which, of course, we absolutely were.)

Thanks, Ars Technica, for a stellar review! Now if only I could afford the 8-core Mac Pro on my Greenpeace salary…

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