SXSW wrap-up

Well, SXSW is over. It was exhausting, I must say. But it was fuckin fantastic, so I ain’t complainin’.

I missed out on a lot of the action because I had so much work to do in order to put on the Wiretap Music CD release party for the compilation we’re releasing on April 14th. The party went down on March 20th on Austin’s East Side, at The Art Project, a really rad up-and-coming gallery/studio. You can hear some choice cuts from that show on my Bay Area Live program airing today!

Of course, when I say I missed out on a lot of the action, I mean that I only saw like 40 or 50 bands that week, instead of a couple hundred. So it’s relative.

I was there for all of BTR’s showcase, no doubt! Head over to to check out the recordings my fabulous DJ colleagues have put up from the BTR SXSW 09 showcase, especially Bay Area boys Lemonade!

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