Why is no one talking about this?

There’s a lot of talk about Bushco launching a “pre-emptive” strike against Iran to try and save the Republican majority in Congress. If Bushco is shortsighted and narcissistic enough to launch an attack on Iran, no doubt that would be a major disaster for the entire world. But frankly it doesn’t seem entirely likely, unless they stage some Gulf of Tonkin-type event to claim that Iran started it.

I for one am far more concerned about Bush and Rove’s inexplicable optimism about the November elections and the prospect that they are optimistic because they are planning on stealing several elections to retain control of Congress. Unfortunately, it seems it will be all-too-easy for them to do. .

I’ve seen no mention of the possibility that Bush and Rove are planning on rigging elections, and yet it seems so obvious that they would stoop to that level. Oh wait.

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